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The Band

CJ-Lead Vocals

CJ is SoRockBlu’s energetic and entertaining Frontman and Lead Vocalist!
He’s a team-player and professional with a great sense of humor!
With over 30 years in the entertainment industry he still has a strong passion for performing in front of live audiences.  Influences include: James Brown, Rolling Stones, Jackson Five, Earth Wind and Fire, Bruno Mars, Al Green and many others from the past to the present.


Jeff – Lead Guitar
RockBlu’s Jeff Winn. Jeff loves rocking the crowd with his fabulous guitar skills while connecting with the audience. You will have a blast watching Jeff perform live! 


Bob - Guitar & Vocals
Bob’s solid rhythm guitar accentuates SoRockBlu’s
energetic presentation.
Bob has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and has been performing in bands around N. County for the last several years.
As a graduate from the college of Chords he majored in the B7 and minored in 16th notes. He loves all musical genres. Bob’s favorite activity is making music with friends and making friends with music.

Ray .jpeg

Ray - Bass & Vocals
Ray provides the spine tingling bottom to SoRockBlu’s sound. As a child he trained in classical piano, but found that laying the grove was pure heaven, he has remained a committed bass player for over 40 years. Before moving to San Diego, Ray played in several Hollywood rock bands which gives him his edgy power and control. Also known as the “Roc Doc,” he is also a chiropractor, so it seems, rocking spines is his calling.


Steve - Drums 
Steve loves laying down the beat for SoRockBlu! 

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